Wills & Probate

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Our team of lawyers and consultants can help you with will all related issues and administration of moveable and immovable property in Cyprus:


We can offer the following services regarding preparing and executing Wills in Cyprus:

  • Receiving instructions for preparation of a Will for Cyprus or elsewhere in the world.
  • Preparation of the Will according to instructions and information from the client.
  • Registration and deposit of the Will at the Registry of the District Court.
  • Resealing and execution of the will – Administration of Estate.
  • Acquiring an order for Grant of Probate. This procedure includes the application to the Court for an order to appoint the executor of the Will and the Administrator of the Estate of the deceased after collecting all the necessary documents. In addition to this, applying to the relevant authorities for a Tax Clearance Certificate as well as other necessary certificates and finally the distribution of the Estate and submitting Final Accounts at the Court.