Additional Services

Cyprus Legal firms

We can provide help with will related issues and administration of property in Cyprus.


  1. Contacting any kind of investigation or search regarding any matter for the personal or financial position of the persons implicated in a case (natural persons or legal entities) i.e. search at the Registrar of Companies, at the Land Registry Office, at the Registrar of the Court, of the Building Department and any other competent Authority.
  2. Providing legal opinions and suggestions on issues raised during the preparation and study of cases, or on issues raised at any stage regarding legal and procedural questions and problems, the solution of which is succeeded after discussion and exchange of opinions with the client.
  3. Our office maintains a permanent department dealing with matters related to Estimations, study of construction contracts, damages, Specific Performance of Contracts, Public Contracts, Public Requisitions and other relevant matters connected to Conveyance and development of Immovable Property. This department cooperates with an external associate – expert under lease of services. His services and work is reinforced by external consultants.
  4. Our office also maintains in regular basis, cooperation with Special Consultants, Surveyors, Financial Advisors and Experts of other expertise in order to face specific problems and issues.